Dutch WagwEU-notification obligation postponed

The Dutch notification obligation under the Wagw-EU Directive was planned to become effective as per January 1, 2019. However, this reporting obligation is postponed until the digital reporting system for these notifications becomes available, which is now planned for April 1, 2019. Through our website we will keep you informed about the developments in this respect.​

The notification is part of the Dutch implementation of the Wagw-directive, which obliges companies that are not established in the Netherlands but have post workers in the Netherlands, to perform an advance notification via a digital reporting system from the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB). With this notification the Dutch Agency for Social Affairs and Employment conditions (SZW) can check whether the Dutch minimum employment conditions are complied with. These conditions concern amongst others the Dutch:
• minimum wage;
• working/rest times;
• safe working conditions;
• equal treatment for men and women;
• a minimum number of holidays;
• additional minimum conditions under a collective labour agreement.

Notification obligation for seconded Dutch employees 
In many EU-countries this notification obligation has already been implemented. We therefore recommend verifying the obligations that come along with posting employees form the Netherlands to another EU-Member state (or beyond). 

The specialists of Wesselman International can inform you in more detail on these obligations and are able to support you if required.

More about the Wagw-EU-notification?

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